About Here I Go

Alberto Hernández is a London-based
Spanish graphic designer with a Degree
from Escuela de Arte número 10 and
a Masters from the London College of
Communication. His main interests are
design for print and typography but
Alberto’s work is diverse, taking inspiration
from areas such as music and films.

Paying attention to every little detail and
being extremely hard working and dedicated
won him several work placements at
renowned studios including Spin, London.

He believes that, as Albert Einstein said,
‘everything should be made as simple as
possible, but not simpler.’

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—Output Award 13. Special Distinction
—Grafik Design Awards. Nomination
—16th Chaumont Poster Festival. Nomination
—Laus 07 Students Awards. Nomination

—BookCamp II. Barcelona, 2011

—Visual Research (2nd Ed). AVA, 2011
—Selected B. IndexBook, 2011
—Output 13. Output publications, 2011
—Imprint. Sandu, 2011
—Approach and Language. AVA, 2011
—Graphic moment. Artpower, 2010
—Turning Pages. Gestalten, 2010
—Imagomundi. Promopress, 2010
—Select F. Index Book, 2007

—Étapes No 15. Spain
—Novum No 09/11. Germany
—La Tempestad No 75. México
—Kwerk No 1. UK
—Default Magazine No 4. Turkey
—Idpure Special 2010–11. Switzerland
—Epsilon Magazine No 1003. Greece
—Étapes No 10. Spain
—Idpure No 22. Switzerland
—Quo No 175. Spain
—Étapes No 179. France
—Frozzen Magazine No 4. Spain
—The Blog Paper No 4. UK

Group Exhibitions:
—Imaginary Friends. London, 2011
—For Sale Showspace. London, 2011
—De l'Ombre et du Rêve. Tours, 2010
—I want to be there. London, 2009
—125 Show. London, 2009
—Aprender a mirar. Madrid, 2007
—Diez por diez. Madrid, 2007
—Basurama: 2x1. Madrid, 2005

Selected clients

—Blank Paper
—BT Vision
—Clear Channel
—Getty Images
—Gustavo Gili
—Haunch of Venison
—Leporello Decoupage
—Thames & Hudson
—Unit Editions
—University of the Arts London
—YCN (London)