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Alberto Hernández. Designer.
Telephone. UK +44 (0)75 1656 1613. Email. alberto@hereigo.co.uk.
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Currently working with London agency Made Thought.

Alberto Hernández is a London-based Spanish graphic designer
with a Degree from Escuela de Arte número 10 (Madrid) and a
Masters from the London College of Communication. He is specialized
in design for print and typography but Alberto's work is diverse.
Paying attention to every little detail and being hard working
and dedicated won him several work placements at renowned studios
including Spin and Proud Creative (London).

Alberto has been nominated for awards such as Grafik Design Awards:
Best Newcomer (2010) and Chaumont Poster Festival (2009)
and he has showed his work at various collective exhibitions such as
Imaginary Friends (London, 2011), De l'Ombre et du Rêve (Tours, 2010)
and Basurama: 2×1 (Madrid / Gipuzkoa, 2006). His work has also
been featured in various international publications.

Since 2011 Alberto also co-runs The Publishing Lab with María Serrano.
TPL is a publishing research laboratory that is dedicated to the
study of new ways in which visual communication and literary resources
can join forces in a creative and intelligent way in order to create an
expanded reading experience. Visit TPL